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We're a dedicated team of developers who have been serving the web since 1999

KnowBetter Creative Services is a web design and development firm situated in the great American Southwest - near Scottsdale, Arizona. We specialize in building highly performant websites that deliver great customer experiences, great SEO, and great conversion rates.

All of us at KnowBetter are committed to helping our customers succeed.

Kelly Ford

Founder & President
Creative Technical Director

Kelly is the Founder and President of KnowBetter Creative Services LLC and he has been designing websites since 1999.

We take our commitment to every customer very seriously.

Team Member
Meet Our Team
team member

Melinda Ford

Project Manager, Web Designer

Melinda has been with the company since 2011. Areas of expertise include project management, web design and development, and statistical data analysis.

team member

Patrick Ryan

Collaborative Partner, Developer

Patrick is the owner of Reflect Media Group and a KnowBetter Creative Partner. He is a knowledgeable programmer and a detailed website developer and database designer.

team member

Roy Clark

Collaborative Partner, Logo & Branding Expert

As the owner of PinePoint Creative and a KnowBetter Creative Partner, Roy is an expert in website branding, design and development, and audio/visual media.

team member

Mike Perrenoud

Collaborative Partner, Developer

Mike is the owner of Consult.With.Mike and a KnowBetter Creative Partner. He is a website designer and developer.

The best way to predict your future is to create it
— Abraham Lincoln

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