We've Got Your Back

You wanted a website quick and easy and cheap and you found it. Congratulations.  But a year later your hosting provider had a server failure and it appears they didn't backup your site. In fact, you now find out they never promised that they would. You figured that was just part of the package, right?  

Cheap is great, until you realize last month's ... data is gone forever
Cheap is great, until you realize that the last month's worth of content and data is gone forever or that your site is down for the Black Friday weekend and your host is un-responsive.

KnowBetter Creative is Different

We build apps and websites for a living. We've been dealing with hosting providers who routinely lose data, don't provide promised backups, and stick your site on a server where it has to compete with hundreds of other sites to serve pages to your customers. Five years ago we'd decided we'd had enough and began hosting our own site and our client's sites so we could have full control over the performance and conditions of our sites. 

We know what it takes to create and serve successful sites and web apps. Now, we're offering our experience, knowledge and services to you. This is not budget hosting. It's hosting from a group of people who really care about the performance and durability of your website. We think of it as boutique hosting and it's going to finally relieve you from the burden of having to manage a site and get back to business serving your customers.